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Erotic Escapades interview with Miaka Chase

Erotic-Escapades Author Of The Month Interview With...

Samantha Winston
Miaka Chase: Hello Samantha and thank you so much for taking the time out to interview with me.

Samantha Winston: Hi Miaka and thank you for having me!

MC: I've been a big fan of yours for a while now. I think the first book I read was Ice Man and I loved it. It was back when I was new to erotic romance.

SW: Thanks! That was a fun story to write.

MC: From then on, I've read everything you've written. Your current offering is Renegade Aquarius, published with Ellora's Cave.
Can you tell me a bit about that book?

SW: Ellora's Cave sent out a call for books with an astrology theme. I sent in an outline and proposal for Aquarius. I had just read a really interesting book about the origins of astrology, so I had lots of ideas. The book was due soon, so I begged my favorite critique partner, Madison Hayes, to read my first draft and make sure it was all right. She gave me a great critique and off it went to my editor in seven weeks! It was the fastest book I ever wrote! It didn't get a very 'hard' rating. It's more sensual, but I think the story is complex and makes up for the less heat. (At least I hope so, LOL)

MC: I absolutely enjoyed reading it. Aquarius, Leonie and the whole gang.

SW: Thank you!! I think I'm a character writer and often develop books around a character.

MC:  I noticed that about your work...the characters really stand out. In Renegade Aquarius, I thought the plot was not your typical fantasy plot and that's a good thing because I don't like to read the same story over and over with different characters and settings but essentially the same. I really enjoyed it.

SW: Thanks - I'm a very picky reader, so I try to make my books as interesting as possible, thinking... 'what would I like to read?'

MC: I agree. Another of your books that I totally raved over was My Fair Pixie. I thought that was one of the funniest books I had ever read.

SW: I love that book. I have to take time to say thanks to Ciarra Sims - she gave me the character of Jessica - she made her up and made her who she is. I just loved her, so Ciarra let me use her!

MC: Really, Ciarra Sims gave you that character? Jessica is a heroine that I will remember for a long time to come, thanks to Ciarra.

SW: It's not every day a writer friend will give you a character, so I really owe a lot to Ciarra. It's incredibly touching to think I have such good friends in the writing world.

MC: Yes, I noticed you mentioned Madison Hayes as well. She is another favorite author of mine.

SW: I love her writing too. I'm a big fan of erotic romance, so I read a lot too.

MC: One of my favorite genres of erotic romance is comedy and that's one of the things that drew me to you because you wrote erotic romance comedies.

SW: I have a very wacky sense of humor, and I love to read comedy books too. Combining hot and funny is really a treat for me.

MC: So what's next for you Sam?

SW: Next I have Llewellyn's Song coming out in August at Ellora's Cave. It's the sequel to Elf Song. And then I will write Merlin's Song, the last book in that trilogy.

MC: Oh I love elves!!

SW It's all set in the land of Hivernia with the elves, and it’s fantasy with a lot of action!

MC: I'm going to have to put that on my lists of books to read. Again, I LOVE ELVES.

SW: LOL - who doesn't like elves? Since Legolas came along, I think every woman fantasizes about having her own elf.

MC: Yes there was Legolas...but I'm pretty sure my elf fascination started before that from watching movies as a kid like Legend and Labyrinth, etc.

SW: I always liked the fantasy genre, so it's one I love to write in too.

MC: Speaking of genres…is there a genre that you've never written that you'd like to?

SW: Murder mystery. I would love to be able to plot out a good 'who-dunnit' - I have a lot of respect for authors who can keep readers guessing and on the edge of their seats until the very end.

MC: Hmmm, yes. Murder mystery is probably not an easy genre to write.

SW: Right now I'm working on a series of books with a sort of mystery theme - but it's mostly (again) comic romance.

MC: Oh, can you talk about it?

SW: Sure - it hasn't been contracted yet with any publisher, but it is a series of books featuring a zombie detective. It's a lot of fun to

MC: LOL, a zombie detective? I'm already intrigued.

SW: Yeah - um, he's a stripper too. LOL!!!

MC: I hope he's in the early stages of zombie hood cause otherwise...EWWW!

SW: Of course. Plus, in my fiction, zombies are hot. This guy is very hot. I think the word zombie has a bad connotation, so I explain it better in my book.

MC: All your heroes have been pretty hot. I'm still jonesing for Aquarius.

SW: Isn't he the best? I fall in love with my heroes. It's hard to let them go. And I'm very picky about my heroines too. They have to
go together.

MC: Yes, Aquarius was pretty hot. I'm going to keep checking your website for news on that WIP. Do you have a name for it yet?

SW: The WIP is called 'Jack's Back' but it's a working title, so subject to change.

MC: Ok. That sounds promising!

SW: I'll keep everyone informed through my website. Right now, my agent has Jack's Back.

MC: Samantha...you have led quite an interesting life. Tell me about some of the jobs you've held before you started writing full time.

SW: I was a waitress for a couple days, I hawked pizza for a bit longer, and I was a salesgirl for a long time. I was a model and moved to France where I met my hubby. We traveled all over because he was a polo pro, and so I had to give up my job. I started to write because it was easy to carry a pen and paper around, and I could do it anywhere.I wrote articles for newspapers and then started short fiction. I wrote my first novel when we were in Argentina for three months living on a farm miles and miles from anyone. It was a terrible novel, BTW, LOL!!!

MC: LOL!!!

SW: But it was good practice, and I learned a lot from it. The next book I wrote was published in Australia, and I think that A Grand Passion was my third or fourth book. Ellora's Cave picked it up, and I was thrilled.

MC: When did you become affiliated with Loose Id? I remember when they opened and yours being one of the first books published.

SW: I always loved Treva Hart's books - I think I've read all of them and she's an amazing person. When she started Loose Id, I sent her Ice Man right away. I was really happy Loose Id accepted it because I think their books are amazing. It was sort of a fan thing, LOL. I was crazy about Treva and her books.

MC: Good thing too because you found success at Loose Id. Now on to your fascinating life. Sam, you live in a small village in France and you have a blog for it. Will you give the readers the URL so that we can visit your blog and see the pictures?

SW: Here's the URL for my blogs. Readers might want to check it out. I'm lucky because I have really great writers who post on my blog like Ann Jacobs, Cheyenne McCray, Daisy Dexter Dobbs and Jaci Burton (to name but a few, LOL)
http://samanthawinston.blogspot.com/ is my blog.

MC: Awesome. I enjoy reading your daily random musings and seeing the pictures of the village. What's the name again?

SW: My village is called Montchauvet - it's really tiny.

MC: But so picturesque.

SW: It is actually classed as a historical monument. The church dates from the 9th century. I mean - it's OLD, LOL!!!

MC: I have to tell you...your life seems a bit like a fairy tale. It's amazing. Are you a bit like Posh Spice married to a professional polo player?

SW: That's right, LOLOL! Oh, I wish. Actually, it's more like Betty Crocker than Posh - I'm really a homebody at heart and I love to cook.

MC: To begin wrapping up…I like to ask all the authors what are their favorite movies, books, authors? So…what are yours?

SW: Favorite movies: The Lord of the Rings, Willow, LadyHawk, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Favorite books: The God of Small Things, Water Touching Stone, Welcome to the Monkey House, and A Canticle for Leibowitz.

Favorite authors: I can't even begin - the list would be too long!!! LOL. Um... Ray Bradbury is my all time favorite. Voila!

MC: So in closing, what would you like your readers to remember about Samantha Winston? Do you have any parting words for
your fans?

SW: Thank you for reading my books! I'm very lucky to be a writer and to be able to do what I love - (and I'm really bad at saying goodbye, LOL!!!)

MC: Oh and now would be the time to insert any last minute shameless plugs.

SW: Well, There are some books coming out in print from Ellora's Cave this year, and Loose Id is putting Virtual Murder out in paperback too. It's paired with a whole new sci-fi adventure - so that is pretty cool. Please join my newsletter so you can find out more! It's called 'The Sirens of Romance' and it's a monthly newsletter I do with 11 other authors!

Subscribe: sensualromances-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

MC: Again, thanks Samantha for taking the time to interview with us at Erotic Escapades.

SW: Thank you so much Miaka, I had a great time!

  Interview done by Miaka Chase for April 2006 Author Of The Month


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