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Reading Guide for  "The Argentine Lover"


It's not a sport, it's a religion.


Questions for The Argentine Lover


1) In the beginning of the book, Juan's position in the polo team is clearly shown. How does Rennie's position compare to his? Is this a reflection of their relationship?


2) Juan and Rennie fall in love hard and fast. In the beginning, does their relationship seem plausible?


3) People from different backgrounds often have more challenges to face than people from like backgrounds. In Rennie and Juan's case, there is a lot to overcome. What are some of their biggest obstacles?


4) Rennie is determined to make Juan love her. Is her attitude a sign of strength or weakness? She is a complex person, can you see where her layers came from?  


5) Rennie is a virgin when she meets Juan, and Juan hasn’t had much experience himself. Is this good or bad?


6) They get married, despite misgivings from all parties. Rennie’s mother thinks they are too young, Juan thinks he isn’t in love, and Rennie thinks she has a battle in front of her—a battle to win her husband’s love and respect. Of all the main characters at the wedding, whose opinion do you think is the most realistic? Whose is hardest to understand? Whose is unrealistic?


7) Sex and sexual experiences have a big part in Juan and Rennie’s relationship. Is the fact that they are both interested in experimenting different things a plus?


8) There are other relationships in the book as well –  Tom’s many marriages, Marilyn’s failed marriage, Carlos’s casual sex, and Tolly and her open marriage. How does Rennie start to take control of her relationship with Jaun? When does Juan fianally realise he loves Rennie?


9) The characters both grow and change in this book. Do you think that they have made the right choices? What do you think would have happened if Rennie had not lost the baby? Do you think that Juan would have realized he loved her as soon?


10) This book features characters from different worlds moving in a world that is unfamiliar to us – the world of high-goal polo. In what way is polo a good background for this book? Juan and Rennie both leave familiar places and travel to England and then to France. Both are out of their elements. How does this affect their relationship?



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