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Reviews and Awards

Reviews of Samantha Winston's Work




“…The story is really enjoyable as Ms Winston deliciously brings on the zany dark humor in a manner that really appeals to the fan of the macabre in me. The humor is not too overpowering or too farcical - just enough to keep me laughing. There is already a beautiful kind of poetry in the premise, what with a hero who lacks a heart, but is in love, and who is supposed to be dead but ends up a hero instead. The story doesn't disappoint in delivering a fun Tim Burton kind of romantic adventure where I am concerned.

...Zombie Jack is a most enjoyable read and it will be a waste, I feel, if the author doesn't revisit her world at least one more time. I'm pretty desensitized when it comes to all those vampires and werewolves in the market so it says a lot about how excited I am about this one. Zombie Jack is too much fun and the party seems to be only beginning by the last page, so do give me more.”

~Mrs. Giggles





"...Short and sweet it sounds like a fairy tale, even a charity ball. But it tells the story that what is in a person is so much more important that what is visible. To get to know someone you sometimes have to look past the obvious. It is well written and wonderfully funny in parts, dramatic in parts, and sexy in parts, just what every story needs."


~Sassy Brit for Alternative Reads




PARADISE EARTH "...is full of introspection, unusual creatures and is not for everyone. But for the serious sci-fi reader, who is looking for something completely different, PARADISE EARTH will more than fit the bill. Ms. Winston has created characters and a world that implodes on itself because they fail to see the consequences of their actions, and those insights make PARADISE EARTH a very intriguing book, if not a perfect one."


~Nickole Yarbrough for RRT Erotic




Llewellyn's Song


"...From the very beginning, Miss Winston explains what is going on so that if you haven’t read the first story in the series, you will still understand what the issues are so far. Llewellyn’s Song adds lots of suspense and intrigue to keep a reader entertained and impatient for the next installment. Her heroes are well-matched, developed with such depth that you relate to and fall in love with them. I like the simplicity of the writing and the unrestricted plot. Buy it, you’ll love it!


~Evena for Fallen angle Reviews


"...The reader is treated to a fresh new look at a magical world created by Samantha Winston; the vivid sense of scenery allowed this reader to jump into the realm of make-believe and enjoy the quest of Llewellyn and Tamara. Reminiscent of by-gone tales of “daring-do”, Llewellyn’s Song will engage readers from the opening scene. Tamara and Llewellyn are a “beauty and the beast” couple that burn up the pages with their amazing chemistry..."


~Lettetia for e-romance







"Samantha Winston has blown this reviewer away. Ms. Winston has written an action packed red-hot romance. Renegade Aquarius is a non-stop page-turner. Leonie is the fire, which Regis must put out. Ms. Winston gives her characters unique ways to solving problems and rescuing the day. Renegade Aquarius is one hot read. This is a fantastic story of love and how love can conquer all."


~Sonya for Fallen Angel Reviews


"I am always impressed with Samantha Winston's ability to create a vibrant world and human characters that are larger than life.  She is a master story weaver and Renegade Aquarius is a prime example of why she is one of my favorite authors."


~Miaka Chase


"...Ms. Winston has written a beautiful saga of political intrigue, cold and deadly motives, and amazing imagery that left me spellbound."


~Francesca Hayne for Just Erotic Romances


"...Renegade Aquarius is a fast-paced journey with vivacious, unique characters, stunning and detailed imagery, shocking treachery and passionately heartfelt romance. Samantha Winston has done a beautiful job weaving this tale, and not reading it is losing out on something utterly extraordinary!"


~ LindseyAnn Denson for e-CataRomances



"...RENEGADE AQUARIUS is the second book in the PLANETARY PASSIONS series and a wonderful addition.  The characters are interesting and well developed.  Aquarius is sensual and sexy, and will have readers wanting more of his talented escapades.  Leonie is brave and strong willed, her character is really one that readers will get behind and want a happy ending for.  The love scenes are scorching and almost set the pages on fire from the heat.  Samantha Winston has done an excellent job of writing a book sure to please readers and leave them wondering what’s next for the PLANTARY PASSIONS series."


~Angel for Romance Junkies






"...ANGELS ON CRUSADE is a wonderfully written story, filled with all kinds of historical figures. The characters are richly embellished. The setting is very realistic, right down to how people would scratch their heads looking for lice. If you like time travels and have an interest in French history, ANGELS ON CRUSADE is a book you must have!"


~Overall rating: Five hearts!

Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Chere for The Romance Studio


"...Samantha Winston’s Angels on Crusade is historically accurate. The pageantry and political intrigue of the Crusades is dead on. I ached for Isobel and her possible punishment because I just knew she was destined to fail. The book held more surprises than I expected. At the end I found myself sighing with pleasure when, out of the depths of despair, love bloomed . Angels on Crusade is well-written, and while very low in sensuality, it was a good read. I find myself curious to read more from Samantha Winston."


~From Joyfully Reviewed





wins the Silver Star Award from JERR!


"...Outstanding, amazing, a story I will read again and again are all words I would use to describe this book. There isn't one thing I didn't love about My Fair Pixie. It would be tragic if Sebastian and Jessica didn't appear in other Samantha Winston stories. I will certainly remember these wonderful characters for a long time to come. For all these reasons, I found My Fair Pixie deserving of the Silver Star Award."


~Miaka Chase for Just Erotic Romance Reviews


"...Combine a highly sexed pixie and a stoned vampire together and you get a hilarious hot romp. Sebastian is a snob, but that does not last long once he gets Viagra and red wine into his system. He easily accepts that his future with Jessica and his determination to keep her in his life, so this makes him very likable.


Jessica is basically shown as a typical dumb blond pixie, but as the story progress, you find out there is more to her. If you enjoy a good laugh, then you will not be disappointed with My Fair Pixie by Samantha Winston.


~Cassandra Buckles Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



"...There is enough heat in this book to barbecue hotdogs for the whole trailer park for the next century! This is a really fun book that will take you for a ride, just make sure you have your ridding crop handy. I am looking forward to seeing where Ms. Winston will take us next, and what other interesting people we will meet along the way. Until then, I will enjoy revisiting Jessica and Sebastian as they take the ride of their lifetime with each other."


~Romance Junkies Reviewer Janean Sparks



"...Five Cupids! "...Cute and hilariously funny! If you liked Pretty Woman ( who didn't ?) than you will enjoy this new sexy vampire version. A quick and lighthearted romance to be swept away for a few hours.


~Birka, Cupid's Library Reviews


"...I have to hand it to author Samantha Winston - My Fair Pixie is splendorous laugh-a-minute affair that is so naughty all over the place and so unexpectedly tender at other places. This is simply fabulous fun from start to finish. Love it, love it, love it!"


~Mrs Giggles






"...Deciding time has come for her to say goodbye to Ian, Heather rents a boat and goes out to the same place he disappeared.  When a freak storm comes up, she thinks she is dead too, until she is picked up by a pirate ship and finds herself transported back to 1770 and the Captain is none other than Ian.


Ms. Winston can weave a story that gives you a little of everything.  It’s sexy; a little paranormal and has great characters that fairly walk right off the page.  Definitely a must read for all readers."


"[This anthology] is a great collection of stories by three outstanding authors.  Ms. Jacob's, "Lawyers in Love: Eye of the Storm", is a great story of a horrible mistake that ended in a divorce that neither could get over.  It takes a hurricane for them to see the error of their ways.  Ms. Harper's, "Savage Storm", is a story dealing with slavery and their life.  But it also deals with the paranormal and love that finds a way.  Ms. Winston's "Time Storm" is a great look at time travel.  It also deals with a love that even ten years doesn't erase.  This is anthology worth space on your bookcase.  It is one I will read again."


~ Reviewer: Pat McGrew from Road to Romance Reviews


"...'Time Storm' is an amusing time travel romance with a creative new explanation of the Bermuda Triangle. The tale is full of Ms. Winston's wonderful humor and witty dialogue and historical detail that enhance the story. Heather and Ian are charming well-matched characters, making "Time Storm" a delightful read.  Storm Warnings is a wonderful anthology of erotic romance that combines three very different and superb short and spicy romances. I was enchanted with these stories that charm, tease, and tempt the reader into a world of sensual pleasure and delight."  


~ Reviewer: Larenda Twigg for The Romance Studio


"...Samantha Winston’s "Time Storm" brings the time travel element into the mix of this anthology. In this novella, Ms. Winston gives us story sprinkled with her delightful sense of humor and a healthy dosage of emotion. The story is fast paced and Heather makes for a wonderfully engaging heroine. Although I would have loved to see this story further developed, I must say that I was quite pleasantly surprised to find a time travel romantic adventure in this book. The love scenes are H-O-T and "Time Storm" will not disappoint Ms. Winston’s fans. This story is a very nice closing to what is a very nice anthology indeed."


4 stars / Mireya Orsini

~ Just Erotic Romance Reviews







"Ms. Winston has a joyous story of life, laughter and love. I was so enthralled with the story I heard Melle’s elf song in my head. It’s an action adventure love story that any and all readers will enjoy. But there wouldn’t be a love story without obstacles. Prince Branagh’s love for Melle blossoms overnight and he proves the lengths he will go to prove it to her and show everyone. The supporting characters were a wonderful and welcome addition; maybe we can get a story on how the got his limp, the sorcerer, and the Mouse King?"


~Faith Jacobs for Just Erotic Reviews


"...As a devoted fan of fantasy and a lover of the Nutcracker story, I was thrilled beyond measure to review Elf Song. Ms. Winston captured the magic of the Nutcracker story and made it her own. Here is a noteworthy tale, filled with magic, love, danger, passion, and above all, Christmas spirit. Melle and Branagh are perfect for each other and their world unforgettable. Don't miss this delectable keeper!"  


~Sharyn McGinty for In the Library Reviews


"...Ms. Winston brings us engaging characters and an imaginative, romantic, and emotional plot that will touch the reader’s heart. The love scenes are highly erotic, so be forewarned. This story is a true gem, and should not be missed by all lovers of erotic romance, irrespective of preferred category."



~Mierya Orsini for Just Erotic Reviews






Wins Sizzling Romances Award!






"Le Mystere" by Winston tells the tale of Jesse Dubois, a lost soul who was killed 25 years ago. When Luke finds this beautiful woman in the swamp, he is overwhelmed...  What is the mystery that brings Luke and Jesse together? Will Maman Rubie, a voudon empress, bring Jesse to peace?


Rafael - half-wolf, half-vampire - finds his life is about to change in "Embrace the Moon" by Michelle.  When Roxanne suddenly enters his dreams and life, Rafael is enthralled.  But what will Roxanne do when she finds out Rafael's many secrets?


"Malediction" by Windsor has a twist that will shock you, while tying the  

anthology together.  FBI profilers Kiri Aukland and Chank Arceneaux have special skills.  By working together it is hoped they'll find a serial killer.  Until now, Chank has worked alone, and especially avoided Kiri, because something about her raises his awareness.


See how an ancient mam'bo leads all three couples to passion in this remarkable anthology.  Kudos to three great authors who put their talent to use by writing three great stories that tie together nicely.  All things Cajun and voudon in this anthology will entice and excite readers.


~ Robin Taylor for Romantic Times


"...CAJUN NIGHTS is an amazing anthology set in the Louisiana bayou (Atchafalaya Basin) with delicious heroes, strong heroines, stimulating sex and enough of the paranormal that captures the reader and has one on the edge of their seat waiting for something to strike.  Each of these stories are explosive, passionate and intriguing.  Even Rubie Breaux, the Voudon mam’bo who brings these couples together, becomes an endearing character for the reader.  She is a delight and keeps the other characters on their toes in all three stories.  These three amazing tales are brought masterfully together by three artistic and imaginative authors to make one fantastic book, one that readers will want to read over and over again."


~ Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance



"...LE MYSTÈRE drew me in from the very first sentence. The eerie quiet of the bayou, the dangers that lurk sent shivers up my spine. A tortured hero, Luke makes a mighty fine hero and steps up to the plate when it becomes obvious how he has to help Jesse become real. Ladies, let your imagination run wild and you'll understand exactly how Luke helped Jesse.  Jesse is a sweet, innocent gal who has no idea what is going to happen to her once her bones are found. But Jesse does know one thing for sure, she has an insatiable appetite for the sexy Luke. The sex is hot and sweaty just like the heat of the day in the bayou, singeing the fingertips. These two together certainly raise the temperature a notch or two. However, danger lurks in the murky waters, secrets long buried will be exposed to the light of day. And what of Jesse and her ghostly appearance? You'll just have to read and find out for yourself what happens.


In CAJUN NIGHTS, Ms. Winston, Ms. Michelle, and Ms. Windsor add their own unique voices and come together to write an anthology that will make your head spin. Each tale has a hero and heroine worthy of one another, and the descriptions are vivid enough that I slapped my arm a couple of times thinking a mosquito had bitten me. I could hear the sounds of the owls and the insects buzzing; I could even hear the swish of a bull gator’s tail as he glided softly through the water. This anthology contains sex, and lots of it, but more than that it's filled with emotional characters and great storylines. Don't miss out on CAJUN NIGHTS. You will be sorry if you do.    


~ Sinclair Reid  for Romance Reviews Today







“…A GRAND PASSION is a great erotic romance, packed with sizzling love scenes and burning passion.  This reviewer highly recommends it for any erotica fan. Readers will believe in love at first sight once again!”  

~ Loveromance.com


“…The images of those final romantic scenes remain in my head, a beautiful testament to the power of love.”

~ In the Library reviews


“…Author Samantha Winston creates a memorable love story with spicy sex and a lot of love in A GRAND PASSION…You do not want to miss this one.”

~ Word on Romance


“…Winston spells out the details in glorifying descriptive passages. The passages of time within the sheets are steamy making this a perfect read for that lonely weekend evening.”

~ Scribes World Reviews


“…Well-written and fast-paced, A GRAND PASSION is not just an erotic love story, but also a tale of a woman's awakening…”  

~ Romance Review Today


“…The dialogue, setting, characters and all around good nature of the story

pulled it all together to point where I was booing the bad people, cheering

for the characters and drinking plenty of water during the love scenes,

which are steamy, cutting edge and highly erotic. Be sure to order this from Ellora`s Cave the next time you visit their page. You won`t be disappointed!”  

~ A Romance Review - five roses!


“…Readers who enjoy hot and passionate physical contact will enjoy A GRAND PASSION. This reviewer, however, enjoyed the emotional content even more than the erotic scenes.”  

~ Romantic Times


“…I  like this author, having been pleased with her work in the past. No matter what name she writes under, a reader can expect characters who are familiar in their newness, believable in their experiences, and a story that is emotionally compelling. And A GRAND PASSION did not let me down.” -  

~ Escape to Romance







“…THE ARGENTINE LOVER is fascinating and tender.”  

~ Word on Romance


“…I'd recommend THE ARGENTINE LOVER for the inventive, steamy love scenes.”  

~ Romance Reviews Today


“…Enthralling and Sensual! THE ARGENTINE LOVER was very erotic and the passion between Juan and Renee was explosive, hot and undeniable.”  

~ The Best Reviews


“…I was unfamiliar with many Polo terms, but with the added glossary and picture, I had no trouble following the story… woven into the tale are threads that address personal responsibility, honor, maturity, forgiveness, personal growth....and oh yeah...steamy, wet, wicked hot sex! Ms. Winston delivers a steamy, sexy read that will stay with you long after you've finished reading it.”  

~ Sensual Romance


“…The locales are exciting, and the characters were well developed, a good deal of devotion must have occurred in the research of this book. I hope to see more of this promising author's work in the future!”  

~ A Romance Review


“…An entertaining story from the polo-playing background; interspersed

with – mostly very hot - erotic scenes (some of which are somewhat

unusual for a romance). All in all good entertainment.”  

~ translation from Mon Boudoir


"...It's a terrific Love-Story containing endearing Protagonists and interesting minor characters.

The sex gets better and hotter with every scene you read. All things considered it's an amusing story and really fun to read.


Tina, Cupid's Library Reviews








“…With a dash of sugar and tons of spice, DARLA'S VALENTINE offers up something nice...and naughty!”  

~ The Word on Romance


“…Samantha Winston has written an short erotic comedy of errors with DARLA’S VALENTINE. Full of hilarious situations, laced with extremely sensual outcomes, this is one story that won’t disappoint.”  

~ Loveromances.com


“…I really enjoyed the description of the sexual activity in the story. Samantha Winston wrote the scenes so vividly that I almost felt like a voyeur peeking in somebody else’s window.”  

~ A Romance Review


“…I didn’t know if I was breathless from laughing or from all that heat. Samantha Winston’s latest is a pleasure to read, with lovable characters in a quaint setting told with a quirky and charming voice, surprising you with some very satisfying moments.”  

~ Kris Alice, February 2003 Mon-Boudoir


“…This is a light, erotic tale that will have you laughing out loud as you  

enter the wacky world of Jordan and Darla. Ms. Winston has created an amusing story of lust at first sight in this delightful tale of boy meets girl.”  

~ Sime-gen reviews








"...This was a great quest story from Ms. Winston. Diamina and Lyo must grow as characters in order to succeed, and they do. The reader can't help but root for them. This ability to show the evolution of characters, without getting pedantic, seems to be in short supply in many of today's novels, but Ms. Winston has mastered this important aspect of storytelling. The sensual tension in this novel never lets up. If you're a lover of a good old quest fantasy and erotica, look no further for your next read."

~Lady Luck for Fallen Angel Reviews



"...Ms. Winston has written an engaging tale where magic and a madman with delusions of grandeur exists. Fans of fantasy romance should try this most unusual read."


~Denise Powers for Sensual Reviews



"...DIAMINA is an amusing and erotic adventure. Samantha Winston has once again given readers something to talk about and to keep them coming back for more. DIAMINA is part of the new Fable genre at Ellora’s Cave, and is a wonderful and unique story.


Everything about this book is an intriguing blend of humor and seriousness, light and dark. Sometimes it’s hard to know whether it is supposed to be amusing or serious. This sexy story is great; add in an epic adventure, a few sprinkles of danger, a handful of erotic passion, and a dash of surprise, and you have an absolutely delicious book. Don’t miss this one of a kind fable; it is truly a unique and sensual adventure."


~ Enya Adrian for Romance Reviews Today







“…With its elements of suspense and action/adventure, wonderful love story, and engaging secondary characters, this book will appeal to erotic romance lovers of any genre.”

~ Mireya Orsini for Just Erotic Romance Review Newsletter - Five Stars



“…GLADYS HAWKE is a gritty sci-fi adventure. But there is a tender love story at the heart of it. And the story does have campy moments as well. Not for the faint of heart, there are rapes that occur in the book, both off-screen and on-screen. Rest assured that the perpetrators do not escape unscathed. Fans of science fiction adventures will definitely want to read this one. Ms. Winston has written a winner with her latest novel.”


~ Reviewed by Denise Powers for Sensual Romance


"...Gladys Hawke was a great read that grabbed my attention from the first paragraph and didn’t let go until the end. The heat between Gladys and Tagor is scorching as is a certain scene involving Cha’ng and the "harem"... Even the secondary characters were interesting and she left just enough to the imagination to have you wanting more. Gladys Hawke is an exciting futuristic read and I hope Ms. Winston creates more stories set in this universe.


~Nicole Hulst for The Romance Studio







"...Samantha Winston pens a sweet and erotic spin on the classic fairy tale, THE FROG PRINCE. Lesally's only wish is to spend a few days with Shari, and the King orders his daughter to keep her promise. Lesally plans to teach the lonely and beautiful Princess a thing or two about desire and love. He becomes her teacher of forbidden pleasures. Shari discovers what is in her heart, the art of giving and receiving pleasure, and learns that sometimes one's only option is to follow their heart.It is unjust that the ladies on Teres are not allowed to view the fine specimens of men until they marry, but Ms. Winston creates an intriguing and magical world where anything is possible. An exciting and enchanting tale that will make one laugh and sigh with pleasure."


Rated NC: 17 Explicit sex scenes, spanking.


~Tracey West for the Best Reviews


"...Kudos goes to Ms. Winston. If you are looking for a book that has quick wit and repartee look no further. Ms. Winston’s humor shines through in this "Not-So-Grimm-Fairy Tale" A recommended read those needing a pick me up that is well written. Ms. Winston’s dialog flows as our Heroine Shari meets her frog. Hey I am not going to give it away. Run do not walk to Ellora’s Cave and pick up this Gem of a book. Be sure you have the AC set low and your DH, SO, BF or Bob handy because you will need them once you start reading The Frog Prince from the Planet Marecage."  


~ Gabby Royce for Just Erotic Romance Reviews / Rating: 5


"I believe this is a very different and interesting take on kissing a frog and finding Prince charming. The story was enjoyable...The writing wasgood and it flowed very nicely. Once again, this book would be very good for a beginner of erotica."


~ Faith Jacobs







"...The Phallus from Dallas is meant to be fun, and the authors were very successful in writing a thoroughly enjoyable and amusing story. The plot is quick and simple, which leaves plenty of room for the abundance of witty dialogue and narrative which makes this book so enjoyable to read. The sex sizzles, and the scene at the end of the story alone makes this book worth reading. If you’re looking for a fun, quick roll in the hay, The Phallus from Dallas is the perfect book."  


~ Laci Grey for Just Erotic Romance Reviews / Rating 4


"This was the hottest, sexual short story I have ever read. It was packed with the best humor and sex. I drove my husband nuts reading him the funny parts. I have already recommended it to several of my friends who love to read. It was very well written and has me wanting more. On my scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 15. It's that good."


~ Reviewed by Beatrice Sigman for Sensual Romance


“…THE PHALLUS FROM DALLAS is a hilarious romp filled with as many different names for a phallus you could ever think of; with its witty dialogue it brought tears of laughter to my eyes. For a short story the characters are totally endearing the lovemaking between Hannah and Mitch is highly erotic, extremely sexy. THE PHALLUS FROM DALLAS is one of the funniest books I have ever read.”

~ Reviewer Gail Northman








"...Princess Lily is a charming and thrilling tale of romance with a lesson to be learned. Lily, Violet and Lupin are portrayed perfectly. This is a steamy romance with that journeys from desire through lust to the more satisfying emotion: love. The reader discovers the delights of all three and is left in a dreamy warm haze of satisfaction at the conclusion. Ms. Winston arouses the heart, mind and body with equal fervor and leaves them all fulfilled and happy.


All in all, Once Upon a Prince is a thrilling respite from the cares of the world that I believe anyone liking romance will enjoy to the fullest."


Keely Skillman, EcataRomance Reviews


"...Samantha Winston and Mary Winter write intriguing tales that will have  

readers squirming in their seats. ONCE UPON A PRINCE is another one of the Ellora's Cave's Not-so-Grimm fairytales and certainly doesn't sound like any that I read as a child. Which is probably a good thing, considering these aren't for children. Due to the sexual content of this anthology, ONCE UPON A PRINCE is rated Borderline Sensuous/Erotic."


~ Sinclair Reid, Romance Reviews Today



"ONCE UPON A PRINCE is a pair of novellas, each an original erotic fairy tale. Fresh twists and fresh ideas-- erotically charged by talented authors--make this a not-to- be-missed anthology."  


~ Sensual Romance Reviews  



"...This book is heart-stopping. Damsels in distress, fairies, virgin princes, and shapeshifting hares. From start to finish this anthology will keep you reading and believing that for every story there really can be a happy ending. Definitely keep an eye out for these two creative writers.  


~ Reviewer: Angel Brewer for The Romance Studio







"...PARADISE EARTH: ADAM AND EVAN is a very tender love story between two men. They must learn to trust each other, in spite of their differences, in order to accomplish their goals..I love how she’s written it and what she’s done with it. This is the first in a series of books and I can’t wait for the next one to come out!"  


~ SR reviews


"...Paradise Earth: Adam and Evan is a love story between two men in a desperate situation. There is a lot of hot and steamy sex in this story, and it seems to be the main focus...Samantha Winston had some really great ideas in the plot, which I would have loved to see more of. Overall, it has a good story line that I want to hear more about. It looks like there will be further stories about this world, and I look forward to learning more."


~ Julia for The Romance Studio


"....Ms. Winston creates a believable post-apocalyptic society on Earth and the characters are definitely not just bare bones. They have substance, which is amazing considering the length of the book. Much to my delight, there are already two sequels mentioned at the end of the book. Ms. Winston, thank you for a wonderful story and for opening my eyes to a new facet of erotic romance. A definite thumbs up for this book."


~ Just Erotic Romance







"We see every conceivable emotion here - lust, sorrow, passion, joy, and so much more. Ms. Winston takes readers on a journey of fantasy into the wilds of imagination."


~ Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews



"Paradise Earth 2: Revelations is a continuation of the story of Evan and Adam. Although not essential, I would recommend reading Paradise Earth: Adam and Evan to fully appreciate the story. Adam and Evan still have their strong relationship, and although Adam still can’t keep his hands off Evan and his extra appendage, their concerns about their children tend to dominate the story. What wonderful mythical children they have: centaurs, angels, mermen. Ms. Winston has created a fascinating world where all these creatures co-exist in harmony. But, every paradise has its serpent and Paradise Earth is no exception. I was engrossed from the first sentence and once again, I just wanted to continue my journey with Evan, Adam and their children. I can only hope that the next installment releases very soon."


Michelle Naumann

Just Erotic Romance Reviews









"...For a relatively short story, Asteroid 6969: Tiger Gold was a fun, adorable romp. And taken as such, it was a nice read. The sex was chipper and a bit raunchy, leaving no doubt in my mind that the characters enjoyed themselves immensely. I enjoyed the story, and the way it was written, but the short length imposed limits to characterization and the romance, which made it feel less satisfying to me. On the other hand, had the story been written in a different way, it likely wouldn't have been nearly as fast paced or fun to read. As usual, Asteroid 6969: Tiger Gold had Ms. Winston's characteristic sense of humor. It's definitely a story to read when wanting a quick laugh or ten.


~Dani Jacquel

Just Erotic Romance Reviews



"...Samantha Winston has penned a tale peopled with soft-hearted pirates, evil gangsters and a motherly madam. The pace varies, while the motivations become clear in time. The situations are so believable, I got caught up in the story from page one. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.


~Katherine L. Hunt

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


Asteroid 6969: Tiger Gold was an immensely enjoyable short story and the first of a new futuristic series from Ellora's Cave. I am very familiar with Samantha Winston's writing and I love how she can make novellas read like full-length novels. Character development is such that the reader is given the chance to know the characters and to become emotionally involved with them. Heidi has had an unbelievably hard life, nevertheless, she rose above the harsh circumstances of her existence to become a strong heroine. Lance was a sexy hunk of a man who had a good heart and strong libido. I think I developed a bit of a crush on him myself.


If you like futuristic erotica, Asteroid 6969: Tiger Gold is not to be missed. I really enjoyed my time spent on Asteroid 6969 and plan to visit again soon.


Miaka Chase for The Romance Studio







BDSM Fantasy


" Four Roses!...Samantha Winston's Taming the King is the sequel to Ms. Winston's contribution to the anthology Once Upon a Prince. In this BDSM themed short story, we get to see what happens to King Henri and Violet, after Lily happily marries her prince. This short story gives the reader a true erotic ride, but it also has a nice touch of emotion and humor, which is to be expected from such a talented writer like Ms. Winston. If you are looking for a quick fix and enjoy BDSM stories, you may want to read Taming the King. You will enjoy it even if you have not read the anthology yet."


~Mireya for A Romance Review


"...A super-swift and super-sizzling fantasy by Samantha Winston."~Dee Herga, Ecataromance Reviews


"...It is clear from the beginning of this spicy short story that Violet and Henri are one of those couples who deserve a shot at happily ever after. They've endured the loss of Willow, who was very dear to both of them, and while they've grieved in their own ways, it has given them a strong connection, as well as the raising of Henri's daughter, Lily.


Both Violet and Henri are willing to give and take when the smoldering coals that are given fuel and a chance burn brightly. Even with recent revelations that threaten to reopen old wounds, they find the strength in their love to face a bittersweet encounter, which serves to deepen the realization that their love is a right and good thing.

~Niniri Theriault for The Road to Romance



"...TAMING THE KING is a very hot Ellora’s Cave Quickie. It has a very interesting storyline, and I enjoyed reading something that is not your average romance. TAMING THE KING does venture into the world of BDSM, so if you like that, then you will really enjoy this short story. Well-done job for author Samantha Winston."


~BJ Deese, Romance Junkies





from Loose-Id


"...Ice Man was a great read. I read it from beginning to end in one sitting

because I couldn’t put it down. The characters were vivid and believable

and I hope that the author writes the story of Bruce Steele. Ice Man more

than deserves five stars and I select it for July’s Top Pick and recommend

Ice Man to romance readers. This is definitely a must read."


~A.J - Reviewer for The Romance review Spot



"...Samantha Winston has once again written a story that will captivate you..."

~Diane T for Fallen Angels Reviews


"...Ms. Winston brings scenery to life with her descriptiveness that will grab you, sex scenes that send you up in flames and when you are finished you will feel like you need a ice-cold glass of water to cool down. Ice Man is science fiction romance at its best."


~Melinda for Enchanted in Romance


"...ICE MAN was a fantastic, suspense-filled journey for this reader. Kell endeared himself to me as he learned about “our time.” The relationship between Allie and Kell was not only both erotic and tender, but realistic. Kell has lost a lot, but he gains it back triple-fold in getting to know Allie. As Allie learns about Kell’s past, she begins to see him as a part of her future. Ms. Winston’s humor—writing about Kell’s learning to use our modern conveniences—had me chuckling. There is an interesting secondary character named Bryce Steele who will have you yearning for his story to be told soon. You will not want to put ICE MAN down until you have read the very last page. Thank you, Ms. Winston, for a great read."


~Joy for Sizzling Romances


"...Ms. Winston does a superb job, combining a very hot love affair, the trials of learning a new culture and trying to find common ground when a few thousand years of experiences separates new lovers. Highly Recommended.


~Sara Sawyer for The Romance Studio







from Loose Id


"...TIME TRACKER is the sequel to Samantha's Winston's very excellent ICE MAN. In this rapid short tale, the author tells the much-anticipated tale of Bruce Steele, the man hired to capture the reawakened man from the past. In an ironic twist of fate, it is Steele who is now the man frozen in time, and he must overcome the challenges set in his way to regain his life.


Sensual and witty, TIME TRACKER is a unique tale that vaults you into the future and beyond. If provocative, humorous tales with romance, great characters, and emotions all wrapped up in an explosive package are your kind of stories, then don't miss TIME TRACKER. It is definitely a winner."


~Enya Adrian for Romance Reviews Today


"...Time Tracker begins where Ice Man left off. This intriguing novella is both sexy and funny but also a book you won’t want to put down; it grips you from the very first page. The futuristic world that Samantha Winston paints is fascinating and vividly drawn. Ms. Winston has managed to portray such multi-faceted characters in Time Tracker that Bruce Steele will pull at your heart-strings as he realizes how well suited he and F-69 are. He’s a man accustomed to being self-sufficient and successful in his chosen career, a career that is superfluous in the current world he’s woken up in. What Steel does realize is that he can’t live without F-69; they’re simply meant for each other. I laughed so loud during one scene that my book was in danger of being dropped – you won’t look at melon’s the same after reading this story. If you haven’t read Ice Man I thoroughly recommend reading this book first, as it is a prequel to Time Tracker."


~Aggie Tsirikas for Just Erotic Romance Reviews






from Loose Id


"...Although this is a short story (a Loose Id “Fling”), I wish Ms. Winston had written a longer book; it is that good. The unique take on time travel, with a great storyline, and a hot but loving romance make Battle’s Bride an excellent story, definitely worth 5 Stars." Rating: 5 Stars


~Reviewer: Anya Khan for JERR


"... Battle's Bride is an excellent story to read when you seek a brief respite from the humdrum. Ms. Winston has crafted a hilariously funny story with characters that I will remember fondly for a long time to come." Rating: 4 Stars


~Reviewer: Miaka Chase for JERR

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